Microplastics and water

Microplastics are widespread and have been found in the environment, surface water, soils, air, and even some foodstuffs. The number of microplastic particles in groundwater is deemed to be negligible. The potential impact of microplastics on public health and ecosystems is a growing public concern and has been high on the agenda of decision makers for some time. With growing global use of (micro-)plastics, their release to the environment is expected to increase. Our briefing note outlines our concerns, and why we want to see more control at source measures.

Briefing Note: http://www.eureau.org/resources/briefing-notes/3940-briefing-note-on-microplastics-and-the-water-sector/file

Source: http://www.eureau.org/resources/news/371-microplastics-and-water


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